7. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Comparative Superlative Alıştırma Kağıdı


13 Ara 2020

A.Boşlukları sıfatların uygun şekilleriyle doldurun.

Ex: Richard is richer than me, but Jack is the richest of all us. (rich)

1. A motorcycle is ________________________ a car, but a bicycle is __________________of all (cheap)

2. Rose is ________________________ Mary, but Julie is ________________________________. (beautiful)

3. My brother is ________________ my sister, but my father is ____________________ of all us. (short)

4. David is ______________________ Betty, but Bob is ________________________ of the three. (clever)

5. Lily’s character is _____________ Susan’s, but Carol’s character is ______________ of all us.(good)

B. Boşlukları sıfatların” comparative” veya” superlative” formları ile doldurun.

1. A cow is ______________________________________________________________________ a sheep. (big)

2. I think İstanbul is ___________________________________________________ city in the world. (noisy)

3. This hotel is uncomfortable. The last one I stayed was ______________________________ this one. (comfortable)

4. Jupiter is __________________________________________________________ planet in the space. (big)

5. Who is __________________________________________________ basketball player in the world? (old)

6. A horse is ________________________________________________________________ a donkey. (strong)

7. The _________________________________________________________ day of my life is today. (happy)

8. “Scream” is _________________________________________________ film I’ve ever seen. (frightening)

9. Justin Bieber is _________________________________________ pop singer in the world. (handsome)

10. This party is _____________________________________________________ party I’ve ever seen. (bad)

C. Soruları cevaplayın.

1. Who is the most beautiful actress in your country?____________________________________________

2. Which is the coldest season of the year?_____________________________________________________

3. Who is the most successful person in your country?__________________________________________

4. Which is the best restaurant in your city?_____________________________________________________

5. Which is the longest river in your country?___________________________________________________

6. Which city is as crowded as Ankara?_________________________________________________________

7. Which car is as popular as BMW?_____________________________________________________________

8. Who is as famous as Tarkan?________________________________________________________________

9. What is as strong as a lion?__________________________________________________________________

10. Who is as tall as you?______________________________________________________________________

D. Boşlukları sıfatların uygun halleri ile doldurun.

1. This problem is __________________________________________________ one in the book. (difficult)

2. Trains are _______________________________________________________________ buses. (dangerous)

3. The weather in Malatya is ________________________________________ the weather in Adana. (dry)

4. I think Chinese is ________________________________________ language in the world. (interesting)

5. A gold necklace is _______________________________________________ a silver necklace. (valuable)

6. İstanbul is ________________________________________________________________ Konya. (crowded)

7. My job is ___________________________________________________________ my friend’s job. (boring)

8. Davis is very sorry. Today is _________________________________________ yesterday for him. (bad)

9. Which one is _________________________________________________? Health or money? (important)

10. I think your house is _________________________________________________________ mine. (large)

11. Which one is ______________________________________________________? Cheetah or tiger? (fast)

12. Holland is _______________________________________________________________ Germany. (small)

13. Is Terry _____________________________________________________________ his friend? (intelligent)

14. Today is ________________________________________________________________ day for me. (busy)

15. There is only one car left. It is ________________ and _________________ (expensive / attractive)

16. Jack is ________________________________________________________________ you think. (modern)

17. Her handwriting is ___________________________________________________________ mine. (good)

18. They are _____________________________________________________________ people I know. (shy)

19. John is __________________________________________________________ boy in this group .(smart)

20. İstanbul is ________________________________________________________ city in Türkiye. (modern)

E.L. Teacher