6. Sınıf İngilizce 7. Ünite Çalışma Kağıtları ve Etkinlikleri


13 Ara 2020
Write the correct words under the pictures. (1 point each.)

a. Skiingb. Mountainc. Raftingd. Lake e. Fishingf. Sailingg. Climbingh. Hiking
i. Village j. Ancient k. Seaside l. Fairm. Gardenn. Cyclingo. Forest

Match the sentences with their meanings. (2 points each.)

1. I always wanted to learn cycling, and finally my cousin taught me how to ride it.A. Bu tarihi yerde şehir turuna çıktığım için bence çok şanslıyım.
2. If you want to have a great time, you should try trekking in these mountains.B. Denizin, kumun ve güneşin tadını çıkardık çünkü yaz tatili en sevdiğimizdir.
3. It was an unforgettable experience.C. O unutulmaz bir deneyimdi.
4. I think I am so lucky to take a sightseeing tour in this ancient place.D. Harika bir zaman geçirmek istersen, bu dağlarda kır yürüyüşünü denemelisin.
5. We enjoyed the sea, sand and sun because summer holiday is our favourite.E. Daima bisiklete sürmeyi öğrenmeyi istemiştim ve sonunda kuzenim onu bana öğretti.

1 2 3 4 5
Put the sentences into correct places of conversation. (7 points each.)

Şaban: Hello! I need your opinion for something. What do you think about going on a winter holiday?

Ferit: Hi, Şaban. I’m not interested in it, because I don’t think it is going to be fun in cold weather.

Şaban: Really! You may be right, but I had a great experience last year.

Ferit: I didn’t know that. Please, tell me the details.

Şaban: Sure. Bayram, Ramazan and me booked a hotel in Uludağ, Bursa. We tried a lot of winter sports there and it was definitely wonderful. I never had so much fun before.

Ferit: 1-________________________.

Şaban: I came up with the idea and told Bayram and Ramazan. They did not want to go there with me at first, but when I said I would pay for everything, they agreed.

Ferit: Interesting! 2-_______________________.

Şaban: Lots of things. We made a huge snowman and played snowball with the tourists, but when Ramazan started to eat the carrot in the nose of snowman, we stopped it. He was so hungry.

Ferit: You are joking! What happened then?

Şaban: We tried skiing, but I could not made it. It was so difficult to stay on the snow with the skis.

Ferit: I got it. 3-__________________________.

Şaban: It was so comfortable and cheap. The food was amazing and it had a fantastic scenery of Uludağ. We found it on the Net and paid online. When we got there, everything was ready.

Ferit: Happy to hear that. Let me ask you one more question about your holiday. We had so many holidays together. 4-___________________________.

Şaban: I would like to have the second one, because it is hot and we can swim, spend time at the seaside and play different games in the water. Also, it was so fun to go on a holiday with you.

Ferit: Thanks. Do you think I’m a good friend?

Şaban: Of course. You are the best. I like you more than anyone else. You are the king. (Yaw he he :))

Ferit: 5-________________________.

Şaban: Iııııııııı ııııı ııııı. Kem küm, kem küm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I have to go now. . . See you JJ

Ferit: Come here!!!! I’ll catch you!!!

Match the words with the sentences. (2 points each.)


1- The place where you can sleep when you are camping.
2- The year after this year.

3- The season when there are lots of flowers everywhere.
4- Attend – Take part in.

5- The place where you can stay by paying some money.

6- The year before this year.

7- Meals – Dishes – Food.

8- The place where you can have fun by trying water activities.

9- Opinion – Thought.

10- Knowing how to do something that you didn’t know before.