5. Sınıf İngilizce Yazılı Örneği 3


13 Ara 2020
Write the names of the school subjects. (2x6=12 ) pts total:______

History / Music / Science / Art / English

Geography /Maths / IT / PE /

1............... 2................. 3....................

4.............. 5..................... 6..................

.Read the paragraph and fill in the table.

(2x6=12) points

Hello! My name is Mio. I am eleven years old. I am from Japan. I am Japanese.

I am a student at Kyoko School.

I am good at sports. I am in the sports club at school. I have Art and English class today.On Monday I have my favourite course. My favourite classes are P.E and Science. I speak two languages. They are Japanese and English.

Favorite lessons

Look at the map. Read and write the correct places. ( 3x5 = 15 points )


Excuse me, how can I get to ______________ ?

Go straight ahead. Turn left into Daisy Street. It’s on your right opposite the cafe.

A: Excuse me, where is the ________________ ?

Go straight ahead. Turn left into Tulip Street. It’s on your right next to the bank.

Excuse me, is there a ______________ near here?

B: Yes, there is. Go straight ahead. Turn left into Daisy Street. It’s on your left between cafe and bus stop.

A: Excuse me, how do I get to _______________ ?

Go straight ahead. Then turn right into Daisy Street. It’s on your left opposite the pharmacy.

A:pardon, Can you tell me the way to ____________ ?

B: Go straight ahead,take the second right.It is opposite the park at the corner on the right .

D.Complete the sentences with the words from the box.(2x6= 12) points

opposite / are / your / how / ahead / past

The student: Excuse me, ____________ can I get to the Music class?

The teacher: Go straight ______________.

Go ___________ the Science class.

It is _______________ the History class, on ____________ right.

The student: Thank you very much

The teacher: You _____________ welcome.

) Complete with the correct form of ‘’ be ‘’ form (am,is,are yardımcı fiillerle tamamlayınız) 1x9=9 P)

1. Ali is from Turkey .He _______ Turkish . 2) A : ________ you from Spain ? B: No, I ___________ 3) My favourite class is P.E. We _______ good at sports. 4) A: ___________ Tom and Bob in 5th grade ? B: No, They ____________ 5) Sue and I ___________ twelve years old .We are at the same school.

6) A: ___________ your kids at Primary School ? B: Yes , they ___________

F. Match the questions with the answers. (5x2=10 pts.)

1. What is your favourite class?

2. Where are you from?

3. When is your English class?

4. What nationality is he?

5. How many languages can he speak?

_____ A. On Thursday.

_____ B. Two. He speaks English and Spanish.

_____ C. I like PE.

_____ D. I’m from Canada.

_____ E. He is French.

G ) Circle the correct answer (5x2=10) Points

  • You can have bread from Library /bakery .
  • She / Her is my mother She /Her name is Sue.
  • His / He favourite lesson is Art.
  • The dog is under / between the tree.
  • This is my dog. It /Its name is Max.
-For these questions,choose the best options to fill the blanks ( 10 x 2= 20 Points )


1- What time is it?

A) It’s half past seven

B) It’s quarter past seven

C) It’s seven o’clock.

D) It’s half past six.

2- ……………….. students are there in the class?

A) How much B) Where

C) What time D) How many

3- Bob : When is your favourite TV programme ?

Mary : It is ………… 7:30 …………… the evening .

A ) on / at B) at / in

C) in / at D) at /under

4- Bob : …………. do you read book ?

Mary : ………. the afternoon .

What / on c) Where / at

When / in d) What time / on

............... name is Sophia. I ‘ m ....................

A) My/French B) I /France C) My / Italy D) I/ Spain

6- Science is my favorite class. I can ……………

A. draw pictures B. do experiments

C. play the guitar D. solve problems

7- Elizabeth: …………

Tyler: Of course , I like playing soccer and doing exercise

A)What is your favourite class

B) Do you like P.E classes

C) Do you have Maths on Monday

D) When is your English Course

8- (Answer the questions( 8 ,9 )according the table)

German & English​
Favourite lesson

8)According to the table, which one is not correct?

A) She is from Germany.

B) She is thirteen years old.

C) Her favourite lesson is Maths

D) She speaks German and French.

Which question is not answered in the table ?

A) What is her job?

B) Where is she from?

C) What is her favourite lesson?

D) How old is she?

10) Susan : Excuse me , …………… is the museum ?

Alex: Go straight ahead ,take the first left .It is on your left ,opposite of the bank.

What c) Where

How d) What time