5. Sınıf İngilizce 8. Ünite Suggestions Speaking Activity


13 Ara 2020

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Lesson #1 Speaking

Making Suggestions Agreeing/Disagreeing

Making Suggestions


Why don’t we…?

That’s a good idea. 

What about...+ing?

Sure, I’d love to! 

Would you like to…?

Why not? 


Sorry, I can’t. 

I’m afraid I can’t. 

I’d love to but…

Speaker A: You love movies and you can’t wait to see the new action film this weekend.

Speaker B: You hate action films and would rather do something different (outside if possible). You love any type of sport and would be willing to go to the skate park, ride bikes or any other activity which involves movement.

Both Speakers: Try to come to some type of agreement that fits both your personalities.

Speaker A: You have a girlfriend (boyfriend) who you like very much. The problem is you can never agree on things to do in the afternoon. It’s a hot day, 90 degrees and you feel like going to the pool. Your significant other can’t stand swimming and would rather be anywhere else.

Speaker B: You like your gf/bf but don’t really like swimming very much. You prefer to be somewhere indoors, maybe at a movie or at a friend’s house in the air conditioning.

Both Speakers: Try to come to some type of agreement that suits both of you.

Speaker A: You love barbecues and you love having people over to your house. You are quite the host. Everyone raves about your parties and you are legendary among 2º as having the best mom and dad and the best food among all the students. The problem is your brother is quite anti-social. He doesn’t like parties and mom and dad won’t let you through the barbeque unless you appease him first. Try to come up with an activity to do just with him so he says yes to the barbecue.

Speaker B: Your brother thinks he’s a big shot just because he’s popular in your class. You’re twin brothers but you’re nothing alike. You can’t stand his parties, but your parents have made him spend time with you before he gets to have the next one and you can basically choose whatever you want to do with him. P.S. Your brother hates eating out with his parents and playing tennis.

Both Speakers: Try to come to some type of agreement so that Speaker A has his party in the end and Speaker B gets to spend some time with his brother, preferably doing an activity you both enjoy.